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Chromatography Column Accessories

We offer both packed and unpacked Liquid Chromatography columns, as well as kits to connect them to your purification systems.
Available column sizes and resins vary, please contact us to find out what hardware and packing services we can offer you!.

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Omnifit Columns:

Adjustable bed heights and reusable hardware. We source from New Jersey and our supplier’s local distribution and advanced shipping practices ensure that your columns arrive without air bubbles or cracked walls.

All columns come fully assembled and ready for use.

Column packing and repacking/swapping services are available. Please reach out with your needs and we can compile a custom service schedule.
Available column size ranges:

  • Diameter: 3 – 50mm
  • Overall Length: 25 – 500mm

Column Connection kits

Connections available for column to HP/LPLC equipment. Featuring FEP tubing and a flanged PEEK adaptor designed to reduce the number of times your FEP lines kink.

Our users tend to prefer Omnifit columns over other industry leaders due to:

  • 🞄 A single glass wall construction that provides greater clarity and robust architecture
  • 🞄 Replaceable frits and strong PEEK threads that allow for disassembly and re-use
  • 🞄 A glass-to-PTFE seal to minimize leaks
  • 🞄 Adjustable end pieces to give the user a total of 160mm to change bed lengths